Useful info

Useful info

Łukasz Łukasz 15/09/2019 hints & tips
OUR ADDRESS: Carrer Cartagena 7, entry no. 2, 4th floor, 03130 Santa Pola, Alicante Province, Spain

Alicante international airport is situated 15 kilometers north of Santa Pola and is called “Alicante-Elche”. It is one of the most important airports in the country.


The fastest and most convenient way to get to Santa Pola is TAXI. It costs around €25 with a journey time 15-20 minutes. You might also decide to take one of available transfer services, e.g. Suntransfers or Hoppa. They provide a range of vehicles and are pre-bookable online.


Fare meters are used. In order to book a taxi, including taxis adapted for the handicapped, there are several local companies:
PolaTAXI: +34 965 412 525
Radio Taxi Santa Pola 24h: +34 965 411 111

We are using NUKI Smart Lock to give you freedom with check-in and check-out. There is no need to set appointment to hand over a key, so no worries about delayed flights, or other unforeseen events. We have 100% stress-free entrance system.

How do you get in? It is as simple as 1-2-3:

STEP 1: You receive two key-codes – one for a deposit box where you get a key to an entrance door to our building, and another one to our apartment. We will send them over e-mail the day before your planned arrival.

STEP 2: Enter the property through the gate and locate a MasterLock deposit box on a fence (inner side, next to a tree, see an arrow on a photo).

Here is a short user manual:

  • Open a shutter door to reveal dials and a release button
  • Rotate the dials to the given combination (the four digits combination sent over e-mail)
  • Press down on a black release button, and pull a door to open it
  • Move a release lever (inside of the box, upper right corner) and release a padlock shackle
  • Remove a key to the entry door to the building, and take the entire deposit box with you
  • DO NOT FORGET: take the deposit box with you and leave it in the apartment.

STEP 3: Now you climb to a fourth floor. An entrance door to our apartment is on right side from the stairway. On a left side of the door, you locate a NUKI keypad, and you enter a six digits code here – each digit lights up a small LED light. The door will be opened automatically.

Inside you will locate keys. This is “just in case solution”. There are two keys – entry to our apartment, entry to a roof-terrace. Since our smart lock requires special type of a cylinder, in case of the key loss, there is a charge of €100. Therefore, we highly recommend usage of a key-code for the entry door opening. When checking-out please leave all three keys (entry door to building, to apartment, to roof terrace) and a MasterLock deposit box on a table in the apartment. Then, just close the door and have a safe trip back home.


Sometimes our Guests ask for some restaurants recommendations. Everyone has it’s own taste, so it is not an easy task. Nevertheless, we share with you some of our favorite places. Here is our subjective TOP list and links to their web pages:

La Vida Bonita –  
Posito Pesquero –
La Sidreria –
La Barca –
La Sal –
Saint James Puerto –
La Moruna –
Pasteleria Dalua –


If you wish to warm up the apartment, please make sure you select a heat mode on a remote control (press HEAT button). Then you set required temperature. Remember, it will not make any difference in pace of heating, regardless of selection of 21 or 30 degrees, so be reasonable. Now, you must wait couple of minutes (up to 5-10 minutes) before the heating starts working. Remember, it will not blow hot air immediately, so be patient here.

Cooling is a bit easier. Please select cool mode on a remote (press COOL button), and then set up required temperature. Again, be reasonable here, and take care of the planet. 21 degrees is OK, and 15 will not fasten the cooling process.

We all are aware of the global energy crisis and global warming. When leaving the apartment, DO NOT FORGET TO TURN OFF LIGHTS AND AIR-CONDITIONING. Thank you on behalf of future generations!

Just in case, you arrive at SunPola Penthouse by car, or you might be thinking of renting a car, you should not experience problems finding parking places along the nearby streets. In fact, there is a parking lot just in front of our building. If not here, you must search for some available parking spots along the streets.

Country code: + 34. Area code: 965/966. You have to dial the area code even when you are in Alicante Province.

Important Phone Numbers:
Town Hall: 96 541 11 00
Post Office: 96 541 30 37
Fire Brigade: 96 598 22 22
Local Police: 96 541 12 87
Guardia Civil: 96 541 12 90
Health Center: 96 541 29 40


220-240 volts